Appbot Riley Robot Pet Camera

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Use Riley to check in on your pets or to make sure your doors are locked. Riley allows you to talk through its built in mic, and you can always listen or see whats going on.

Riley v2.0 is the newest home monitoring robot. Riley connects to your mobile phone or tablet via wifi. You can control Riley from almost anywhere.

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Play with Your Pets

No matter where you are you will receive a notification on your smart phone as to what is happening in your home when you step out.

  • Riley is a fun easy to use mobile robot wireless security camera.
  • Riley gives you the feeling of safety at night with a built in night vision camera.
  • Get instant alerts from motion detection sent to your phone.
  • Riley offers 2 way audio for family fun conversations.
  • Easy self docking feature allows you to recharge when Riley has a low battery.


360°View Charging Station, Fusion Technology, Easy Remote Control via iOS/Android devices, FREE APP Available, Two Way Audio Communication, Motion Detection Alert, Automatic Docking, Real-time Video and Image Saving, Automatic Stand Up, with Gray Belt, Infrared/Night Vision

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 in


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